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Phynix Blog

Brrrrrrrr January 2019

Heather Neufeldt

I can’t believe it but we have been here at the farm for two years. It feels like time has flown. Things here seem to get very busy very quickly. We are lucky because even though we call ourselves Phynix Farm we don’t have any livestock or farm animals. Chickens were contemplated and then rejected on the basis of time management and getting my business going. We are located in southern Minnesota which is now (January 28, 2019) experiencing record breaking cold and all that entails. Schools have been shut down recommendations to stay home have been voiced by state and local government alike. So if you have time in your day; whether you live in a city or the country, spare a thought for farmers here with livestock. Keeping animals healthy and alive during weather like this is an incredible challenge and I would venture to guess that more than one local farmer will end up with frostbite or hypothermia by the time this ‘cold snap’ is through. I have lived in Minnesota several times in my life but grew up in a city so getting to know and become friends with farmers has been an absolute gift. My husband works in an office and tends to work long hours; we like to label people who work quite a lot workaholics. That label definitely applies to people who work on farms because their work IS their life. At any rate I just wanted to dedicate a bit of space to them in their effort to manage through this cold weather.