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Home on the Farm

Our Beautiful Barn


Here at Phynix Farms we focus on bringing creativity to life. However; no matter what we are working on one of our most important rules is to think about how it impacts the environment. We only have one planet and we need to take care of her - mother nature can always use a hand.

Environmental impact is one of our main considerations while making our products: our candles are made of soy wax triple milled, hand poured and engineered to be the cleanest burning scented candles you could possibly bring home.

We also offer a recycling program. Bring your empty candle vessels back and we refill them at half price! People always wonder what to do with the jars, pots or tins that are leftover once the candle has burned out. We have an answer - put another candle in there.

Another thing we are working on is the Individual artist project. We've used vintage photos to communicate the scents and mason jars so that the vessel is useful once the candle is finished. So if you don't want the hassle of bringing or sending it back for a refill simply use it for something else - coffee, wine, pencils, spices  - almost anything that you can think of!


Ongoing Projects

Individual Artist Project

Re-Claimed Wood

Dog Treats



We are also going to be working on photography. If you see any photos on our website that you think might look good in your house contact us directly.

Giving Back

Another important factor is the community. Giving back means taking as little as possible from the environment and improving the lives of the people and animals around us.